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Tomorrow: International Short Films and the night horror

At the start of the projections of international short films and night dedicated to the horror and thriller genre
Free admission subject to availability

Third day of screenings, tomorrow, Monday, July 22, the eleventh edition of Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival, directed by Romeo Conte, which is held in the Upper Salento until July 28 - free admission to availability. After the opening night with the presence of the actor and director Alessandro Gassman, who presented his directorial debut, Razzabastarda and an evening dedicated to the film Mozzarella Stories, with  the presence of the director Edoardo De Angelis and the cast, the festival enters alive with the projections of international short films, again at the Arena Don Tonino Bello Villa Europa . There are seven competitive sections of the festival, all dedicated to Italian and international short films: Human Rights, World Short Short Italian, Documentary, Thriller-Horror-Noir, Reelove and Animation. Nearly 70 works from Germany, USA, Spain, France, but also Britain and San Marino. Among the short films presented, the Spanish Alba, by Isak Férriz, and also the English film  Night in a hotel, which tells the story of James, who tries to make his son happy. A short film of action is SSSH!, by the Spanish Laura M. Campos, who tells of the mutation of Olivia, that gives her superhuman abilities. The elite team, The Corporation, surrounds her home in an attempt to recruit her, but Hugo, apparently a stranger, offers to help her to escape. The screenings of the festival will then move to another location still at San Vito dei Normanni, but at the space Ex Fadda – l’Officina del sapere, with the Night Noir, starting at 23:45, with horror and thriller short films from Spain, the Republic of San Marino, Romania and the Italian Erogatore 3, by Marco Napoli, which tells the story of an ordinary man, forced to spend the night at a service station, who little by little realizes he is not alone ... A Camera received as a gift is hiding a dark secret in the Spanish  short Foto, while The last Alchimist, the Republic of San Marino short film directed by Michele Massari and starring Franco Nero, tells of a ritual in an ancient cave, seven girls are going to be sacrificed to give eternal life to the very old alchemist Felix. But a deaf girl and an off-duty cop can save the situation ...

Salento Finibus Terrae occurs within the festival circuit Stefano Ricci exhibition dedicated to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the third part of a collection that is inspired by the art world. After paying homage to the surrealism of René Magritte and the homage to  the contemporary Scottish painter Jack Vettriano hosted at Borgo Egnatia during the last edition of the Festival, Filippo Ricci, creative director of the company, has chosen the unique heritage of the most important Italian museums  selecting seventeen self-portraits that are a further proof of the immeasurable wealth of the Florentine museum and heritage that will be exhibited at Borgo Egnatia, during the final stage of Salento Finibus Terrae.

The Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival is sponsored by: Town of Fasano - Department of Culture, the Mayor Lello Di Bari and the councillor Laura De Mola. Town  of San Vito dei Normanni - Department of Culture, the Mayor Alberto Magli and the Councillor for Culture Giuseppe Di Viesto. The festival is patronised by UNICEF  and UNESCO. Main sponsors: Baume & Mercier, Stefano Ricci, TWWW.IT. Sponsors: Euphidra, Adelina Scalzotto - Handmade jewelry, BancApulia. Partners: Tenute Rubino, Borgo Egnatia, Masseria Relais del Cardinale, Sierra Silvana, Ex-Fadda l’Officina del Sapere, Laguna Blu, Consorzio Valle d’Itria. Media Partners: Iris Mediaset, Empire Italia - TWWW.IT,, Italia della Cultura.

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